Minotti grey linen sofa

A stunning Minotti 3 seater sofa, lovingly reupholstered in Andrew Martin soft grey linen. Now fully restored, this piece of furniture is as close to ‘good as new’ as it gets. This item is for sale, enquiries are welcome.


Cassina Maralunga set

Designed in 1973 by Vico Masgistretti, the Cassina Maralunga was strikingly modern at conception, and still retains the same aesthetic appeal today (45 years later!), the sure sign of a design icon. We have restored this fantasic piece, it retains its original burgundy cashmere wool. The set comprises chair, footstool and a somewhat unusual 2.5 seater size sofa. This item is currently fgor sale, enquiries are welcome.


Ligne Roset Yang sectional sofa

The Ligne Roset Yang modular sofa is a particular favourite of ours, a true classic of furniture design. We love the way the seat gently slopes down towards the arms, giving the piece a real ‘flowing’ quality. Up to four pieces can be interrlocked if desired. It was designed in 2002 but is no longer in production, making pristine examples much sought-after. Such iconic lines benefit from an unfussy, contemporary fabric; as such we’ve kept it simple but inviting by re-covering in a pewter grey 100% lambswool.